keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Night 347

Night 346

European Space Expo in Kamppi

Night 345


Night 344

Embassy of Silence at Kuritushuone VIII, PRKL Club

Night 343

Men's room at Gringos Locos.
Not sure if this is really cool or gross.

Night 342

Nice Satyrian shoot.
More photos & info at Facebook

Night 341

Fake flower in a photography background I made (see Night 342)

Night 340

Karhupuisto seen from Kallio church

Night 339

Helsinki seen from the sea
(returning from Tallinn)

Night 338

From Lauttasaari to Salmisaari

Night 337

I'm not exactly sure what it's about,
but some kind of art project at Siltasaarenkatu.

Night 336

Tittis in a bookshelf

Night 335

Street lamp

Night 334

Shot from a bus in Ruoholahti

Night 333

Hexi w/ birdcage

Night 332

I've been quite busy so it's been a while since I last uploaded any photos; 
so here you are.

Some Canada geese on our backyard