maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

Night 200!!!

Darn. I've actually made it.
Thanks for all those who have been supporting me and viewing my photos and shared them, it's meant a lot to me.
Special thank-you goes to Angela (who was *ahem ahem* the only one who suggested something for the Night 200 contest; I'll be using your ideas later for sure!)

To celebrate my 200th Night photo, I decided to go for some tourist cliches and shoot the Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki. I got some cool shots from both the traditional front view and also from other angles, but as I was hurrying to catch the last tram, I noticed this text written in the snow on the steps... well. I didn't have to think twice about which one I'd pick for the Official Night 200.

Helsinki sucks.
No, it doesn't, I love my current home city.
This is just the Perfect photo for Night 200.

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