lauantai 3. joulukuuta 2011

Night 115: Blackwater Park (Photo story)

Edit: I think this is enough for tonight, so I won't be posting "official Night 115" photo. 

I went out to shoot on the shores of Vuoksi, a river dividing town of Imatra.
Sun was setting behind the clouds and together with leafless trees and lack of people it created a rather gloomy atmosphere. 
So as I transferred photos to the computer, they reminded me of Opeth's album Blackwater Park and I started to imagine a story behind these photos: a gloomy saturday afternoon and evening in a park where something horrible happened years ago.

I hope you get the feeling :)

Photos are shot in monochrome (except the last one) and unedited except the paper filter and black vignette-type frame.

The story can be also viewd in Facebook.

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