sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2011

Night 137 (365NOH goes Carelia)

This was taken a bit earlier today (though it was already dark) in the forest near my parents where I used to spend all my time as a kid. There's an illuminated jogging route that goes through the forest so there was some light. So when I walked deeper off the route, I found someone had built this kota (Lapland's version of teepee) and took some shots with a tripod and 20-second shutter time while drawing in the air with my phone's white screen.
This is four of those photos put together in photoshop, only adjustments are mirroring frames 2 and 4 so they'd fit in nicely. Other than that, all natural.

Enjoy and take some time to watch the details, I noticed you can find numerous faces in the woods :)

(And click it to view larger)

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